A B O U T   F E   Z A N D I

Fe Zandi is unique among couturiers in America for her uncompromising approach to glamour.
It all began with the dreams of a little girl, weaving fantasies by designing clothes for her dolls.  Recognizing the magic of their young child's skill for working with unusual fabric, her parents encouraged her to develop her talents.  Fulfilling their belief in a sound education, Fe didn't disappoint them, and eventually went on to graduate at the top of her class from the Paris Academy of Fashion Design in London.
Her first job at the age of 19 was as a costume designer for the prestigious Sadler Wells Theater.  The costumes were not only dramatic and beautiful but the actors and dancers found they could move in them with ease and grace.  Soon her genius was discovered by others, and apprenticeships to Parisian designers Jean Patou and Peirre Balmain quickly followed.
At the age of 20, Fe Zandi held her first fashion show at the Hilton Hotel with a formal showing.  Among the audience were members of many powerful and prestigious elite, including Madam Diba, Empress Farah Diba's mother and the Shah of Iran's wife who introduced her to Empress Farah Pahlavi, who took a strong interest in Fe Zandi, "But I was only 20, so brave and so sure of myself.  Looking back, I wonder where I got the nerve!"
Modest words from a lovely woman who opened her first glamorous salon in America in 1996. Her Beverly Hills salon was located on Canon Drive and she presented her glamorous fall collection that year in Houston, Texas at the River Oaks Country Club. The Houston Chronicle wrote, "Fe Zandi is the first designer after more than 400 shows in Texas, to receive a standing ovation from very-hard-to-please-Texans."
The majority of the ladies who are winners of the famous Texas best-dressed list, have been winners of this important event with a Fe Zandi gown.
"As I have done all my career, our emphasis will be on the highest degree of quality material purchased personally in Paris, and the best service.  And because we control all aspects of the business, from production to design to sales, we eliminate the middlemen and ensure competitive prices," say Fe Zandi.
She now has a magnificent salon on prestigious El Paseo in Palm Desert, CA where she has become a legend in her own time; making beautiful women more beautiful then ever before.